• Introduction About Vinarack

    Vinarack is brand well-known manufacturer provide shelves industrial, department stores, market, storage warehouse...

    Introduction About Vinarack, Bao Chanh Joint Stock Companies
    Dear Customers !

    Founded in 2004, Bao Chanh Jsc is one of the leading enterprises in the manufacturing industry racking warehouse, storage solutions mechanical construction, powder coated in Vietnam. Bao Chanh Jsc emphasis on sustainable development in the core business strategy is our criteria for bringing long-term balance between economic development for all stakeholders.
    Business lines:
    Vinarack manufacturing Racking, Construction Machinery, Powder Coating, Steel Shelves Multipurpose V, product display shelf, cabinet or individuals, shelf, shelf parts, steel pallets, steel shelf , steel shelf, shelves, supermarket shelf, shelf fittings, shelf industrial storage shelves, electrical cabinets, electrical fixture, Racking, Forklifts, industrial stainless steel, floor, industrial shelving, Drive-in Racking , Heat arms, high shelf load cargo frame, trolley, plastic pallets, pallet mesh ...
    Strategic Development
    Bao Chanh Jsc has not stopped to find out the needs of Customers by conducting surveys of customer needs. The main development strategy has helped correct Bao Chanh Jsc and Vinarack brand growth and stability and developing a brand reputation at home and abroad.
    Development strategy of Bao Chanh Jsc:
    * Building and developing the brand Vinarack prestige at home and abroad.
    * Maintain and develop businesses Racking, storage solutions
    * Mechanical construction, powder coated.
    * Research and innovative features cargo shelf.
    * Development of system sales to the region, and exports
    * Expanding the plant, production capacity.
    * Application of automation in production processes.
    * Develop and implement a quality management system ISO 9001:2008, ERP.
    Vision – Mission
    Vision Vinarack

    Vinarack become a professional company in Vietnam in the warehouse racking, goods storage solutions
    Mission Vinarack
    Vinarack provide goods storage solutions revolutionary to continually add value for customers
    Renewal Vinarack
    Vinarack continuous innovation, learning and pioneering research in technology goods store
    Culture Vinarack
    Bao Chanh desired

    * We listen, learn, creative and innovative to bring the greatest benefit to customers
    * Transparency, integrity, reputation management in business
    * A professional working environment to create the loyalty to workers and employees
    * Concerned and responsible community

    Vinarack supplies a wide range of Platform Trolleys including Heavy Duty, Bulky Item and order picking trolleys, Utility carts and workplace trolleys

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    Địa chỉ: số 3, đường 40, khu phố 8, phường Hiệp Bình Chánh, TP. Thủ Đức, TP. HCM.
    Điện thoại / Fax: 028 3726 2606 / (0084 28) 3726 2606
    Liên hệ: 0912 404 977 (Thúy Hà), 0903 812 187 (Ngọc Yến)
    Email: t@vinarack.vn
    Thắc mắc, khiếu nại: 0909 787 797 (contact@vinarack.vn)
    Facebook: http://facebook.com/Vinarack.vn
    Website: www.vinarack.vn  - www.cantileverrack.vn
    Vinarack rất hân hạnh được phục vụ Quý khách!


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